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1.  The Clubhouse office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. (Hours are subject to change without notice)
2.  For Pro Shop & food and beverage hours of operation visit Club Info > Hours of Operation
3.  Animals are not permitted in the building or pool area at any time.  (Except certified service animals).
4.  Members shall be responsible for any damage to club property and shall conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.
5.  All members and guests using the Clubhouse shall be suitably and fittingly attired and approved golf course attire is permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse.  See golf course attire under Golf Rules.
6.  Strict observation of Federal State laws and regulations controlling possession, serving and consumption of spirituous beverages is demanded of each member or visitor.  No private liquor will be allowed in the dining, lounge, club, card rooms or golf course at any time.  This is a rule and regulation of the Washington State Liquor Control Board.  Minors are permitted, accompanied by adults, to enter and use the lounge area for the purpose of consuming food during regular food service hours. 
7.  Visitors must be accompanied by a member.  The member will be responsible for the visitors’ conduct and indebtedness.  Such visitors may enjoy the privileges of the club only a reasonable number of times each year.
8.  Locker rental is available through the office.  Club storage and cleaning is available.  Check with the golf shop Professional.
9.  Papers, notices, placards, decorations, or other written material, etc., may not be posted or placed in the Clubhouse or elsewhere on the club property without permission of the Board of Directors or the General Manager. 
10.  Members wishing to hold parties or banquets shall first make arrangements through the Banquet Coordinator or General Manager.
11.  No one may bring outside food into the clubhouse and adjoining areas at any time. 
12.  Reservations for functions at the club shall be in accordance with policies established for such functions.  In all cases reservations shall be at least 24 hours in advance.
13.  Cancellation of reservations shall be in accordance with policies established for such functions by the responsible committee of the club.  Failure to cancel will result in charges to the reserving member not to exceed the published price established for the particular function, or such lesser amount as may be authorized by the Board of Directors.
14.  Any member or guest shall be denied further bar service when, in the opinion of the General Manager or his designated representative (or employee in charge), such person appears to have been drinking excessively.  Failure to comply must be referred to the Board of Directors.
15.  Kindly do not register any complaints or criticisms with any individual or member or employee.  Please do so in writing and submit to the General Manager or Board of Directors.  Such suggestions will be gratefully received and properly handled.
16.  The turn around and posted “NO PARKING” areas must be kept clear at all times for ambulance and fire emergencies.
17.  An unused food minimum charge will be levied each quarter on members who have not met their food minimum requirement during Ala carte lunch or dinner service.  Special parties and/or receptions do not apply toward the minimum charge.  The minimum does not apply to Non-Resident, Veteran or Honorary Classifications. 
18.  Member-Employee Relations: 

            A.  No employee should be reprimanded by a member.  Complaints should be given to the General Manager or his designated representative.    
            B.  No member should request an employee to do anything that is not his/her designated duty.
            C.  Relations between member and employees should pertain only to those privileges of the member or duties of the employee.
            D.  No member should ask any special favors of an employee in regard to service price.

19.  Gambling games are permitted and restricted to the men’s and women’s card rooms, in compliance with the Washington State Gambling Commission and Club By-Laws.  Under no circumstances may non-members take part in gambling.  The Board of Directors shall exercise authority to suppress any and all games which, in its opinion, may bring the Club into disrepute.  All games must cease at 1:59 a.m. and the Club House must be vacated of all occupants.  Failure to do so will be referred to the Board of Directors. No I.O.U. chits are permitted.