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WGCC Rules of Golf

  1. Members of WGCC Approved Reciprocal Clubs have playing privileges and shall pay for cart fee only if they choose to ride. Tee times must be made through their home Club professional staff with acceptance by WGCC staff. In addition, they may host non-­member guests who shall pay the full member guest rate including cart.

  2. Members of other private clubs not on the WGCC Approved Reciprocal Clubs, may be approved to play under reciprocity with arrangements made by their home Club professional and with WGCC Golf Professional staff. They shall pay the full guest rate  including cart as listed in the fee schedule under "Other Private Club Guest Fees".

  3. A  Sponsored Guest, unaccompanied by the hosting golf member shall pay green fees set forth in the Schedule of Green Fees for a Sponsored Guest. The sponsoring member assumes responsibility for all charges made by a Sponsored Guest.

  4. Club Members must register their guest(s) first and last name(s) on the golf shop register prior to playing golf.

  5. Members are limited to a maximum of seven (7) guests playing golf at any one time, except members are limited to three (3) guests playing golf on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

  6. Local non-members may play the course four (4) times per year as a guest of a member, local being defined as having primary residence in Chelan, Douglas, or Grant County. This does not include rounds associated with tournaments or specific board approved events.

  7. Social members have the following golf privileges:
    - They may play one round per calendar month with up to three (3) guests. Paying all applicable fees.
    - Social Members and their guest(s) shall pay all applicable fees for use of the driving range and practice facilities (Schedule of fees set by the General Manager of the Club).

  8. The Pro Shop may manage tee times to allow up to sixteen (16) non-members to play at the discretion of the Golf Professional, paying all applicable and/or reciprocal fees. The Pro Shop may not allow any group to split into two or more separate groups playing back-to-back or on the same day. Requests for groups larger than sixteen (16) will be considered an outside tournament and must be submitted to the Golf Services Committee for approval. If approved, the request will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for review. The Board may return the outside-tournament- request to the Golf Services Committee approved, not approved, or for revision.

  9. Green fees may be waived for the purpose of recruiting new members to the club and any rounds waived shall not count against the four (4) round limit for local non -members. Members of the current Board of Directors are allowed up to six (6) waived-guest-fee rounds each per year. Past-Presidents and Club General Manager are allowed ten (10) waived-guest-fee rounds each per year. IF THE ROUNDS ARE NOT FOR RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS, CART FEES WILL BE ASSESSED. 

  10. All membership categories may play in Friday Night Couples and pay all applicable fees (no priority given to any membership category).

Veteran members: a veteran (as defined in the Club By-Laws) who has surrendered the value of their certificate to the club may play nine (9) holes, Monday through Sunday, with a cart, upon the payment of $840.00 + Tax per year. Additionally, a veteran may play an eighteen (18) hole round twelve (12) times a year by paying the additional veteran nine (9) hole fee. Some leniencies on the twelve (12)- rounds-a-year rule may be permitted if approved in advance by the Golf Professional and Club General Manager.
GOLF SHOP HOURS: Please see the newsletter or website for current hours.

  1. All vehicles, including bicycles, shall be parked only in the spaces provided for that purpose by the club.

  2. It is the duty of each member to diligently assist in keeping the golf course in good condition. Divots shall be replaced and pressed down; ball marks on the greens shall be repaired; upon completing a shot, bunkers shall be raked smooth with the rake left in the bunker; and litter shall be placed in containers provided for that purpose.

  3. Practice must be confined to the designated practice areas. Practice balls are to be used in the practice areas only.

  4. Any damage to club property shall be paid for by the member responsible, or in the case of a guest, by the sponsoring member.

  5. Dogs, pets, or domestic animals, except for guide and service dogs assisting golfers, are not permitted on the course at any time.

All play shall be governed by the rules of the United States Golf Association, except as modified by currently published and posted local rules. It is the responsibility of each member to acquaint himself with the rules of golf and members are expected to report infractions of offending players to the Golf Professional, who will in turn, inform the Golf Services Committee.

Notice of all handicap infractions shall be made in writing to one or more members of the Golf Services Committee.

Steps to be taken:

  1. Notify the member in question.

  2. Interview the member.

  3. Investigate the situation.

  4. Committee will make a decision.

  5. Member shall have a right to an appeal.

Any member whose handicap becomes frozen by the USGA GHIN System may appeal in writing to the WGCC Golf Services Committee for review at its monthly meeting. Committee action may range from member’s handicap reduction to membership suspension.

  1. Carts of all kinds shall be kept off tees and greens.

  2. WGCC power cart fleet and private power carts- No one under 18 years of age or without a valid Washington State driver’s license shall operate a power cart unless accompanied and supervised by an adult.

  3. Except for the Blue-Flag exemption outlined below, no carts shall be allowed within thirty (30) feet of any green.  

  4. No carts shall be allowed between any bunker and green unless the above rules can be observed.

  5. All soft areas are to be avoided by the power carts and care in driving must always be exercised.

  6. Paths provided for power carts must be used whenever possible.

  7. At all times players must obey signs relative to cart use.

  8. Always put bags and carts to the tee side of the green before putting out.

  9. Golfers should use no more than two (2) carts per foursome. Advance approval of the Golf Professional is required to deviate from this format. 

  10. Pro Shop storage of hand or battery powered carts are in the lower-level pro shop storage area. Storage of hand speed carts and powered hand carts is permitted on a space available basis. The number of carts is limited due to size requirements and capacity. Each cart storage space is approximately 34“ D X 34” W. Electrical charging is limited. (See annual billing checklist for storage rates.) The Club is not liable for loss, damage or repair to any unit or component. 

Golf Cart Handicap (Blue Flag) Policy
The Club offers the use of Handicap Flags for golf carts for those individuals who, for medical reason, will benefit from their use. A golfer who submits a valid handicap parking permit from any government agency or a medical providers note, including the period of time the flag is necessary, may be extended this privilege. Handicap Flag privileges may be suspended or revoked, with or without warning, for abusers of this policy.

The Handicap Golf Cart may be driven up to the green or tee.

  1. AT NO TIME shall a golf cart with a handicap flag be parked or driven on the green, fringe, tee, or between a bunker and green.

  2. In case of inclement weather or certain golf course conditions, ALL carts may be restricted to the cart paths.  Under this restriction, NO BLUE FLAG PRIVILEGE will be extended and if carts are restricted to cart path for select specified holes, the BLUE FLAG PRIVILEGE will NOT be extended for those holes.

  3. Blue flags are the property of WGCC and must be checked out before play and returned upon completion of the round of golf.  A member or guest may not purchase or keep a club-owned blue flag in their possession.

All current and future WGCC tournaments must be sanctioned by the Board of Directors and classified by the definition of the tournament into one of the three Tournament Categories below.  A motion for said tournaments must be first processed through the Golf Services Committee.
Tournaments at the Club fall into three different categories and types:  Member, Open and Outside.  Costs and fees associated with the three types of tournaments shall be administered in the following manner.


These events are for WGCC golfing members and their invited guest.  A tournament fee, approved annually by the Board of Directors, will be charged to all participants other than WGCC golfing members. There will be no greens fees charged for practice rounds.  No cart Fees will be charged to Guests for practice rounds or tournament days.  Members who are not on the cart lease plan or who do not pay private cart trail fees will be charged Cart Fees for tournament play days and practice rounds.

These tournaments include:

  • Men’s Member Guest

  • Senior Men’s Member Guest (Clambake)

  • Member/Member

  • 18-Hole Ladies Member Guest

  • 9-Hole Ladies Member Guest

  • Other Member tournaments approved by the Board

Open Tournaments

These events are open to all WGCC golfing and social members and non-members.  These are member tournaments with outside participants that are not considered Member Tournaments.  Green Fees will not be charged to members or outside participants for either tournament play days or practice rounds.  A Tournament Fee, approved annually by the Board of Directors for all Open Tournaments, will be charged per tournament play day for all participants other than WGCC golfing members.  Tournament Fees will not be charged for practice rounds.  Cart Fees will be charged to outside participants and all members who are not on the cart lease plan or who do not pay private cart trail fees. 

These tournaments include:

  • Founder’s Cup

  • Spring Fling

  • Central Washington Amateur Invitational

  • Champagne Couples

  • Player’s Open

  • Other Open tournament approved by the Board

  • Outside Tournaments

Green Fees will be charged to all participants, both on tournament play days and practice rounds, if applicable.  Tournament Fees will not be charged to participants.  Cart Fees will be charged to all participants on all rounds of golf.
These tournaments include

  • Stemilt Tournament

  • Washington Apple Education Foundation

  • Goodfellow Tournament

  • Other Outside tournaments approved by the Board

Reciprocal Rates do not apply when non-members play in WGCC tournaments
Social members will be charged the same as non-member participants in WGCC tournaments
Language in the Annual Cart Plan Lease Agreement that pertains to Trail Fee Members also applies to tournament play.

To best assure the integrity of the game of golf, handicap monitoring/management, and WGCC competition, it is required that all Wenatchee Golf & Country Club members of any category who have an established GHIN handicap, register WGCC as their home club to play in club sanctioned golf events requiring a GHIN Handicap. This service is provided by the golf shop with fees assessed, subject to change each year.

Members must follow USGA Rules of Handicapping and handicaps will be subject to review by the golf club’s handicap committee.

Golf Course and Practice Areas:

Attire should always be in conformance with what is normally expected at a private country club. Appropriate Golf attire is required on the golf course and practice areas at all times. Members are responsible for being familiar with the requirements and ensuring their guests are in compliance with the Club’s dress code as outlined below.   Per Club policy, the Golf Shop staff are asked by management to refuse access to the golf course or practice areas if a member or guest is not wearing proper golf attire.

1. Men’s Golf Attire

  • Only golf, tennis shoes, or golf sandals are allowed. Only “soft” spikes are allowed at any time.

  • Slacks are recommended. Blue denim jeans are not permitted.

  • Shorts must be mid-thigh or longer (mid-thigh is determined to be: the midpoint between the inseam and kneecap)

  • Golf shirts must have sleeves and a collar. Mock turtleneck and blade collared shirts are permitted.  Golf Hoodies from golf specific vendors are acceptable

  • No gym wear, T-shirts, sweatpants, fitness clothing or swim wear is allowed.

  • Golf wear acceptable on the PGA tour is allowed.

2. Woman’s Golf Attire

  • Only golf, tennis shoes, or golf sandals are allowed. Only “soft” spikes are allowed at any time.

  • Slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts, or dresses are recommended.

  • Leggings, tights, and Yoga pants are only allowed in conjunction with the appropriate length skirts, shorts, or dresses. They are not allowed at any time worn by themselves.  

  • No gym wear, T-shirts, sweatpants, fitness clothing or swim wear is allowed.

  • Tops allowed are golf shirts and golf tee shirts with short sleeve, long sleeve, or sleeveless. Halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps are not allowed.

  • Golf dresses can be short or long sleeve or sleeveless. No halter dresses.

  • Golf wear acceptable on the LPGA tour is allowed.     


  2. All play shall start at the first tee except when authorized by the Golf Shop.

  3. Players shall maintain their places on the course and shall call the following players through if there is one clear hole ahead and the following players are in position to play through.

  4. It is the players’ responsibility to replace divots and rake sand traps.

  5. Each player shall have his/her own set of clubs. No two players shall be allowed to use one set of clubs during play.

  6. Golf groups of five (5) or six (6) are not permitted to form on their own.  Approval may be permitted at the Golf Professional’s discretion and only if the field of play will not be restricted. The group must complete play in four hours and keep up with the group playing ahead. If the group is playing slow, a warning may be issued and future requests for a five-some (5) or six-some (6) may be denied.

  7. Scheduled competition and hours of play:

Other than tournaments and the restrictions noted below, the course is open for play to Family, Single, Non-Resident, Senior, Veteran, and Intermediate players.

SUNDAYS: Course open to all members and their guests. Tee-time reservations are required.
MONDAYS: Open play after 12:00 p.m. Year around- except some major holidays. Tee-time reservations are required.
TUESDAYS:  18-Hole Women’s Division competitions until 3 ½ hours after the seasonal start time.
WEDNESDAYS: Men’s Division competition from 10:00 to 3:00
THURSDAYS: 9-Hole Women’s Division competition 8:30 to 10:30 on one side of the course.
FRIDAYS: - Except for Couples competition late afternoons May through August, course open to all members and their guests. Tee-time reservations are required.
SATURDAYS: Course open to all members and their guests. Tee-time reservations are required.


Tee Times for Open Play Days

  1.  General:  Tee-time reservations for open-play days are required for all play. Tee times may be reserved up to 7 days in advance when the Tee Sheet is opened   by the Golf Shop.  Tee-time reservations may be made in person at the Golf Shop, by calling the Golf Shop, or online on the member portal on the WGCC   website.  Members are encouraged to use the on-line tee sheet. 

  2. “Will Fill” Reservations:  A WGCC golfing member occasionally may reserve up to 2 consecutive tee times and use “Will Fill” placeholder-designations to allow for a group to play together on open play days/times. Such “Will Fill” reservations may not be made on a recurring weekly basis.  
  3.  Recurring Weekly Tee-Time Blocks On Open-Play Days: The Golf Shop may not set recurring weekly tee time blocks for open play days/times. Tee-time blocks must be reserved by golfing members. On open-play days golfing members may reserve 3-4 consecutive tee times to form playing groups (Blocking Groups). Such blocking may be done on a recurring weekly basis.  “Will Fill” notations may not be entered for recurring weekly time blocks.  Blocking-Group participants are responsible for entering their names on the tee sheet -- in person at the Golf Shop, by calling the Golf Shop, or online on the member portal on the WGCC website. The slots within each blocked tee time without a member’s name must remain available to all WGCC Members for booking. Three (3) days prior to the blocked tee times, blocked tee times with no member-name entries will be re-opened by the Golf Shop. On days when there are multiple Blocking Groups, 2-3 open tee times must be maintained between the Blocking Groups’ tee times for open play.   The Golf Professional may make adjustments to Blocking Groups’ tee times to maintain open times between Blocking Groups.       

  1. Tournament practice rounds: Practice-round blocks will be allowed for all Club-Sanctioned Tournaments. The tee sheet will be blocked for the designated practice round day one month in advance of the event. Participants will have until 7 days prior to that day to reserve their Tee Time, at which time the block will be removed allowing for open play.

  2. Occasional organized groups: The Golf Professional, on an occasional basis, has the discretion to manage tee times to allow up to twenty-four (24) WGCC golfing members to play as a loose or  organized group.  The group may allow a limited number of non-members to play. They will be considered Sponsored Guests and will be charged accordingly. 

Tee Time Availability: Members are encouraged to contact the Golf Shop with any questions about tee time availability.  
Winter play may be limited or not permitted depending on the course conditions. Always check with the Golf Shop as to course opening times and seasonal cart and play rules.


  2. Juniors under 10 years of age are not allowed on the course without the supervision of an adult. This includes the putting green. 

  3. Adult players have the right of way at all times and juniors must not interfere with adult play.

  4. Grand children of club members aged fifteen (15) and under are permitted free golfing privileges when accompanied by their grandparents.   

  5. A golfer is considered a junior golfer until he/she reaches the age of 18.

  6. Juniors under 18 years of age may use the course during the following times:

                                    Monday - After 12:00 noon.
                                    Tuesday - After 1:30 p.m.
                                       - Open play after 3:00.
                                       - Driving range and Practice Facilities available after 3:00.
                                    Thursday - Any time. Nine-Hole Ladies have preference on one 9-hole side between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30.
                                    Friday - Any time
                                    Saturday - Juniors with an established handicap accompanied by an adult can play earlier than 12:00 noon.

  1. Each junior golfer must have a set of clubs and a bag with him or her in order to play the course.

  2. Junior golfers are not eligible for intra club competitions, excepting those organized for juniors.

  3. No Minor under 18 years of age without a valid Driver’s License shall operate a private or course owned power cart unless accompanied and supervised by an adult.

  4. Junior golfer attire shall be the same as that for adults.

  5. All junior play is subject to further restrictions and limitations as may be deemed necessary by the Golf Professional in conjunction with the Board of      Directors.

  6. Junior golfers under the age of 18 are not permitted in the locker rooms unless accompanied by an adult.

  7. School golf-team access is permitted by the Golf Professional. Play is limited to eight (8) young women or (8) young men per day. School coaches or chaperone in attendance is required.   

 WGCC Cart usage and Young Children

  1. Children age three (3) and under are not allowed on the golf course, or to use or be near the driving range and chipping bunker green or be carried in golf carts.

  2. Parents and Grandparents may have usage of the main putting green near the Legacy Lounge so that young children may practice their putting skills and enjoy their family time.